Project Description

Roll Up and Take Off Unit RD and LP

The RD Roll Up and/or Take Off Unit is for large and heavy rolls of media such as:  paper, plastic foil, fabric, wallpaper and other printed roll material.  This unit makes it easy to handle large rolls before and after printing, allowing you to move the rolls easily to the next production step.  The unit can feed material into your printer and roll up the material after printing. With the dancer roller, the tension remains constant, ensuring straight roll up and co-ordinated speed with your printer.

Our LP Version is available for textiles and media printed with latex inks. This special version interacts with the printer and adjusts tension as needed, adjusting and moving the material back and forth as needed.

-Easy transport of large rolls up to 60 cm diameter and 800 Kg
-Compatible with any printer
-Pullback security: automatic stop and alarm function
-Includes one 3” pneumatic core (other sizes available on request)

-RD: working width from 160 cm to 500 cm
-LP:  working width of 260 cm and 320 cm

Download PDF-Fyler