Project Description

Microfilm Processors

Hostert Pro builds various film processors for all processes, including those for microfilm, aerial film, and holographic film. We manufacture according to your needs.

Replacement parts are available for all machines.

HOSTERT® PRO RS-Microfilm Developing Machines are available with darkroom-film adapter for the developing of individual-film pages (microfiches), or as a daylight model with cassette adapter, i.e.. for COM-film development. It is possible to use the machine as a 2-track machine with a working width from 16 – 35mm per track or as a 1-track machine with a maximum working width of 105mm.

Our RS-Microfilm machine features modern developing machine technology combined with easy operation:

  • Gentle film transport through roller transport system.
  • Tanks in modular construction, easy to remove and take apart without special tools for service, cleaning or maintenance.
  • All tanks are constructed of chemical resistant plastic (PVC). No corrosion problems.
  • Variable speed adjustable drive train, actual speed displayed digitally in control panel.
  • Bath circulation system with magnetic centrifugal pumps. Pressure filter in each circulation system in filter containers above the fluid level.
  • Automatic, individualized for each chemical tank, electronically regulated temperature control with digital display of actual temperature.
  • Automatic bath replenishment system with contact free infrared film scanning at the entry feed and bellow-dosing pumps. A regenerator-reserve container is under the wet section.
  • Economical water consumption through automatic start and stop control of the water flow.
  • Warm air dryer with Teflon-transport rollers and precise temperature control.
  • Film take-up for cut sheets or respectively roll take-up with integrated light box.
  • Electrical connection value of only 2200 Watt (approx.).