Project Description

C 500, C 900 – 3

Hostert Pro builds special machines for the mass conservation of library, cultural and archival papers and records.  With this process the material is saved from disintegration and preserved for the future.

Paper material that was produced between 1850 and 1980 has a high ph value due to the partial or complete industrial manufacture of the paper. Because of this the material decomposes easily.

The “Bückeburg Conservation Process / BCP” plays an important role for the preservation of our written heritage. Being an environmentally friendly procedure, which does not use harmful solvents, it is the only system that combines excellent results with inline resizing of the documents by methyl cellulose.  This conservation process is used together with the Hostert Pro Conservation Machines C900-3 and C500 for the highest quality results.

C900-3 and C500: 

The smaller deacidification machine, C500, and the larger C900-3 machine are both built for mobile installation.

Because of their small sizes (approx: length 3,60 m, height 1,50 m, width 1,40 m) they can be installed in normal size working areas. Electricity required:   20 A / 230 V or 16 A / 400 V.  A water connection pipe and sink are also required.

Only one person is necessary to run the C900-3 or C500. The capacity of theC900-3 machine is approximately 275 documents (A4 sized) per hour. The C500 can process approximately 100 sheets per hour.  Large formats and newspapers can also be de-acidified since the working width is 940 mm on the C900-3.  The C500 machine has a working width of 453 mm.

Both machines have the potential to treat up to four lanes of A4 sheets at one time. The insert height for the C900-3 is a comfortable 1,33 meters, for the C500 it is 1,18 meters.   The documents are conveyed through the deacidification tank with a special brush system. The documents stay in the solution for approximately 3.5 minutes. During this time the documents are deacidified, an alkaline buffer is built in and the resizing with methyl cellulose reinforces the paper structure. Effective fixatives prevent colors and inks from fading or bleeding in this water-based process.

After the treatment, any remaining solution is removed by a brush system which then guides the wet documents into the drying unit.

The drying time at approximately 50° is 4 minutes. After leaving the dryer, the documents can be used right away. The operation of the C900-3 and C500 machines is very simple.   Speed and temperature are easily adjustable for the deacidification tank and dryer, as well as other operating features.

Recommended as options:

  • Option: Crane for lifting the tank out of the machine
  • Option: Installation and training by Hostert Pro

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