Project Description

Automatic Loader for Flatbed Printers

The Automatic Loader was developed by Hostert Pro for Industrial Flatbed Printers.
The Loader allows companies that have large high-volume and repetitive jobs to reduce their production costs, shorten throughput times and to generate an automatic work environment with batch-to-batch operation.  The Automatic Loader provides the print production process with flexibility, allowing work-time to be used when and where it is most needed.

The Automatic Loader can handle different media, including foam PVC, corrugated carton, thick paper and compressed cardboard. Media can also be loaded in different formats as well as re-loading for double-sided printing.   Media up to 25mm thick and 20 Kg in weight can be loaded automatically.  The Automatic Loader can be used fully automatically, ¾   automatically and manually.  Options include a pit-installed lift table or a built-in palette function to re-locate the lift table.

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